Secure Data Across All APIs

Laminar prevents data exfiltration, leakage, and privacy issues by protecting your data across the entire cloud stack, ingress to egress. Identify API vulnerabilities that expose data. Remediate effectively with code-level root cause analysis. Stop the next breach before it happens.

  • Deploy with a single click.
  • No code changes.

      Data Risk Goes Beyond Just Public APIs

      Data in the cloud is highly exposed and hard to track. All of your databases, cloud workloads and the APIs they expose and use are vectors of potential misuse and abuse of data. Only Laminar provides the required visibility and control for your rapidly changing environment.

      Single-View of Data Risk. Drive Security and Dev Team Collaboration.

      • Data Visibility – A Single Source of Truth

      • Stay Ahead of Data Flow Changes

      • Identify and Prioritize Critical Issues

      • Increased DevOps / Security Collaboration

      Data Visibility – A Single Source of Truth

      Laminar empowers security and dev teams with a single source of truth for all data exposures and attack vectors.

      Stay Ahead of Data Flow Changes

      Laminar’s platform runs in all cloud environments to visualize all data changes as they happen.

      Identify and Prioritize Critical Issues

      Laminar audits live, dynamic environments, identifying and prioritizing critical security, privacy, and data protection issues.

      Increased DevOps / Security Collaboration

      Dev(Sec)Ops, Security Architects, and Data teams work with the same platform – driving collaboration to stop data incidents.

      Full Coverage, Easy to Deploy

      Powered by eBPF, Laminar provides unprecedented visibility into the runtime behavior of applications and the system itself while not being inline with the application path.

      Deploy in minutes

      Single click to deploy SaaS based solution

      Zero friction

      No code changes required

      Zero concerns

      No latency overhead.
      Safe and secure by design.

      Prevent Data Exfiltration, Leakage, and Privacy Incidents

      • Exfiltration

      • Leakage

      • Privacy

      Perimeter and public API solutions
      • Cover only public APIs.
      • Cannot see egress data.
      • Cannot track multi-step behavior like broken authorization and SSRF.
      • Protects all APIs: public, external and internal.
      • Understands how one request triggers another, protecting against business logic flaws.
      • Monitors data flow changes and detects anomalies.
      Perimeter and public API solutions
      • Cannot see third-party connections.
      • Cannot protect internal APIs.
      • Cannot monitor DB access.
      • Automated discovery and monitoring of third parties used by developers.
      • Runs on Prod, Dev and Staging environments, detecting changes as they happen.
      • Alerts on engineering mistakes early in the development process.
      Perimeter and public API solutions
      • Lacks context on data flow and lineage.
      • Cannot enforce data-centric policies on internal communication.
      • Cannot see collection, processing, and sharing activities.
      • Maps all application data flows and lineage.
      • Monitors all collection, processing and sharing activities.
      • Monitors data-centric policies such as geofencing.
      Sr. Director, Cloud Infrastructure

      Laminar’s solution helps me sleep at night. In this world of microservices and thousands of running applications of various patch levels, there’s just no other way to protect your data, and Laminar removes all of the manual steps.


      Laminar is the rare solution that increases data security while both reducing development labor and decreasing customer friction.

      Head of Global Technical Privacy

      Laminar’s approach to data observability – which consists of understanding data early on in the process – is exciting. With the sheer volume of data we have at the tail end of the process, no other solution that depends upon DB scanning has worked for us.

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      Secure Your Data Across All APIs